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Group Residential Trips

Primary to Secondary Transition Trips

Gulliver's Valley Resort is the perfect base for your two-day adventure. Get ready to enjoy a series of outdoor activities across multiple facilities in and around Gulliver's Valley. Stay in our incredible themed accommodation ranging from Western Cabins to Lost World Lodges.

Ideal for primary school children about to make the leap to secondary school. Create a short break that encourages communication, relationship building and collaboration. This is a chance for children to work with their new teachers and classmates in a positive and fun way.

To book or to find out more please call 01925 444 888.

A primary to secondary school transition trip can help take out some of the anxiety children may have during this period of significant change. Gulliver's programme of activities can help build confidence and give children the opportunity to take on new challenges in a safe, supportive environment.

What's included with your group adventure?

  • A custom itinerary of activities and events
  • Breakfast and meals included
  • Choice of team-building exercises and activities
  • Evening entertainment available

Accommodation options available