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Guide for Guests With Special Needs

The downloadable information guide gives guests with special needs information regarding the accessibility of all rides on the park.

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If further information is required please speak to a member of staff in our Guest Relations office.

If you are the carer reading this for or on behalf of a guest, please note; that the decision whether or not they should ride or if they should be accompanied on the ride is yours.

Our staff are not trained to judge the physical suitability of an individual. We will assume that if you allow them to go on to a ride (accompanied or otherwise) they are physically capable of doing so.

Please visit our Concessions page for more information on discounted entry rates and eligibility.


Ride Access Pass (currently unavailable)

*TEMPORARY NOTICE (Update 4 July 2020): We ask you to please respect that strict social distancing measures are currently in place accross our theme parks. During this time, ride access passes will not be available. Many of our ride queue-lines have been altered to manage safe, social distancing and therefore no form of priority access, nor 2-way traffic at the ride exit is sensible. Rest assured however, we're operating at less than 20% capacity, which should naturally reduce queuing times. If a ride access pass is a necessity for your visit, you may prefer to await a time when social distancing measures have been relaxed further, more normal operations have been resumed, and a much higher capacity restored, thus enabling us to safely offer the benefits of a Ride Access Pass once more. Thank you for your understanding.

Owing to the sheer number of rides and attractions at Gulliver’s Theme Parks we have on average, very low queuing times. However, guests with particular special needs who are unable to queue may be eligible for a ride pass. This would allow them and up to three accompanying helpers to access the ride via the ride exit area for ease of access.

Ride passes can be requested from a member of park management or at guest