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More than 1,600 members of the autistic community came together at Gulliver’s World Warrington last weekend, as part of a theme park takeover by The A World UK.

The Salford-based not-for-profit organisation, which exists to support the autistic community across the north of England, took over the entire theme park and hotel at Gulliver’s World on Saturday 24 September, with the aim of creating a safe and quiet space for the community to relax and have fun.

Tickets for the takeover event sold out in just three hours, with attendees benefiting from having their own space and being able to mix with other families who understand what it’s like to live with autism.

Brad Thorpe, managing director at The A World UK, said: “We had an amazing day at Gulliver’s World. Our takeover proved to be hugely successful and we welcomed more than 1,600 members of the autistic community to the theme park.

“Our guests all stated how much fun they had and how wonderful it was to be able to make memories in a relaxed, quiet and non-judgemental environment.

“The team members at Gulliver’s were all extremely welcoming and made everyone who came along feel comfortable and confident in their surroundings. We’ll certainly be returning in the future!”

Craig Clews, resort director at Gulliver’s World, said: “It was an honour to welcome The A World UK and so many members of the autistic community to our park.

“People often don’t appreciate how overwhelming places such as theme parks can be for people with autism, and so it was our pleasure to provide a venue for The A World UK and allow families to have fun and enjoy a relaxing day out together, without any worries.”

Guest Nic Ola, said: "It was so calm and accessible for all the children which was so refreshing. Every member of staff there was so lovely and helpful, they really did you proud."

Another visitor, Victoria Roberts, added: "[This was the] first time my daughter has ever been to a theme park and we had an amazing time as a whole family. The staff were amazing and so friendly with everyone. It was so nice seeing so many kids who may not usually get a chance to do this have a chance."

For more information about The A World CIC, visit www.theaworlduk.com

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